First Prize: 15k
Second :10k 

Event day February 4th.
Registration fee : Rs.800 per team.
It is a team event. A team can have 5-10 members.
Time limit for every team would be 10 minutes (Including setup and the
performance both).
Marks will be deducted if the team exceeds time limit.
Registrations are restricted
up to 10 teams.
Theme selection is open to the team.

Besides these , Awards for-
Best walking stance
Best costume
Best smile
Will be given individually.

A team must have an operable email address and Contact Number
(preferably whatsapp).
Teams will be judged on costumes, theme and walking stance.
Please bring your own makeup and other equipment’s as per needed.
A green room would be provided for the changing purpose.
Use of cigarettes, alcohol and any unfair means is strictly prohibited.
TA,DA will not be provided.
A video duration of 5Mins should be given for screening.
Decision of the judges will be
final and binding. 

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