First prize 12k
second prize 6k

Event day February :5th.
Time limit : 10 minutes.
Registration fee: Rs 700.
Students of any institution can participate.
Any dance form can be performed.
Participating teams should report the venue before 1:30 pm on the event
day(February 5th).
Each teams should bring their respective college principal's letter for
At the moment , a group of 5 to 15 members are permitted on the stage.
Judging will be based on
1) Costume
2) Expressions
3) Synchronization
4) Uniqueness and variety
of moves performed.
Breakable and inflammable objects, fire, color powders, water and other
substances which make the dance floor untidy must not be used duringthe
Don't use masks or anything like sunglasses etc more than 1 minute during
the performance.
Negative themes will not be counted.
Vulgarity In performance shall lead to immediate disqualification.

Note:The judges’ decision is final & binding on all candidates.

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